Partnership with Fenly

We are so grateful to Fenly for hosting the virtual food drive website.

At this time there may be some technical difficulties due to the volume of new Virtual Food Drives.

PLEASE make sure the link you are following is

You will see our Apple Logo at the top.

Virtual Food Drives

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) to ensure the highest food safety standards for our community, we are asking for monetary donations to purchase the most needed items, and encouraging the community to leave extra food on the supermarket shelves for their neighbors.

We love the giving nature of our community, and we appreciate your desire to donate extra food to the food bank, but in this quickly evolving situation, the Food Bank's needs may change as well.

Your monetary donation will guarantee the consistency and quality of the food we are distributing, and your donation will guarantee the sustainability of our mission.

Click here to visit the West Texas Food Bank's Virtual Food Drive





Virtual Food Drive Sign Up

Through our partnership with Fenly, setting up your own Virtual Food Drive is as simple as shopping online.

Click HERE to visit our Virtual Food Drive web page and start collecting food virtually today!


If you don’t want to set up your own Virtual Food Drive, please feel free to copy and paste the following link on your own social media pages, or share digitally with your friends.