The West Texas Food Bank launched this new program in May 2018. In response to the tragedy following Hurricane Harvey, Oxy and Feeding Texas stepped up to provide another tool for future disaster relief efforts.

Built by Cruising Kitchens in San Antonio, the Mobile Pantry is completely self-sustained. A generator powers mobile refrigerators and freezers, as well as powering lighting, the public address system, and even air conditioning. The trailer is connected to the outside world via H.A.M. radio, which is especially useful in the event of no cell phone coverage.

We are extremely proud of the new trailer, and in times not needed for disaster relief, the Disaster Response Mobile Pantry will be used to distribute food to rural and under-served areas. The Mobile Pantry is capable of serving around 200 families when fully stocked.

Why We Created the Trailer

Hurricane Harvey left an unprecedented six food banks offline following the storm. The West Texas Food Bank jumped into action to make sure the needs of our sister food banks were met.

Working in partnership with Feeding Texas and the Emergency Outreach Center, the West Texas Food Bank was positioned to know what the impact areas needed, when they needed it, and most importantly was given priority access to these areas.

A year after the storm passed, the Food Bank is proud to have partnered with Oxy and Feeding Texas to bring the first of its kind Disaster Response Mobile Pantry to the state.