The West Texas Food Bank distributes millions of pounds of food and fresh produce through our Partner Agencies, Drive-Thru Mobile Pantries, Food 2 Kids Programs, Produce Pod, and the Mobile Outreach Program.


Our greatest impact happens through our 100+ partner agencies. We provide pantry items, fresh produce, dairy, meats, breads, and essential non-food grocery items, and the partner agencies distribute the items, through their programs, to those in need. In addition, social service coordinators from the Food Bank help clients complete applications for state food assistance programs. These collaborations allow us to get food to families, children, and senior citizens who are experiencing hunger.

Mobile Drive-Thru Pantry 

The West Texas Food Bank provides two Drive-Thru pantries. Each pantry is set up to space offer pantry items, fresh produce, dairy, meats and bread. The Drive-Thru Pantry at the Odessa facility is open on Wednesday’s. The Midland Drive-Thru Pantry is open on Thursday’s.


Tens of thousands of West Texas children are food insecure. We strive to care for these children by providing nutritious food. The West Texas Food Bank partners with various organizations to distribute food to children in need throughout the school year and summer. Our new facilities offer several programs to fight childhood hunger.


The West Texas Food Bank launched this new program in May 2018. Generously donated by Oxy and Feeding Texas, this customized trailer is outfitted with refrigerators, shelving and a H.A.M. radio station. Its purpose is to supplement partner agencies regular distributions and deliver food in rural and under served areas. The mobile pantry will be pulled from the field and used for disaster response as needed (i.e. hurricanes, fires, etc.).


Within the 34,000 square miles that the West Texas Food Bank serves there are extremely rural areas, many without a partner agency to dispense food to the hungry. A fully loaded truck stocked with emergency boxes and fresh produce travels monthly to these areas. The Disaster Response Mobile Pantry will also travel to outreach areas as needed.